Roll Building

Service Machine Shop fabricates rolls per customer specifications for furnaces, ovens, air cooling units, and water quench tanks used in the heat treating industry. We manufacture and Machine Rolls from 1 to 1000 and from various materials specified for each application. Rolls are fabricated from heavy wall pipe and tubing, RA 330, T304 & T316 stainless steel, as well as HT, HK, and HF high temp stainless steel alloys. Typically, Roll journals may carry as large as a 4.750″ major diameter. Special finishes can be put on journals by request, which require gratify bearings. Service Machine Shop custom fits each roll with press fits and quality welding procedures which gives our rolls the reputation of long life even under the most abusive situations. We also offer stress relieving as well as different types of rubber, urethane, teflon, and epoxy coatings. Service Machine Shop has placed rolls in some of the largest automotive foundry installations in the world.

We do just about anything to a roller that can be done. With our knowledge and machinery we can turn the outside diameter, static balance, knurl, scroll, and polish rollers. We fabricate rollers from stainless steel pipe, stainless steel textile grade tubing, aluminum, carbon steel pipe, electric round welded tubing, and drawn over mandrel tubing. We also receive excellent prices and services from Roll covering facilities. For example, we make cores using the following coatings: rubber, Teflon, powder coating, chrome, epoxy, etc. In other words, SMS can supply your complete roll without extra work on our customers end.

Currently, SMS can handle the machining of up to, and including, a 16″ diameter roll body and as long as 28′ overall. However, we can perform some procedures of up to 24″ diameter rolls.

SMS has now supplied rolls for equipment being used in countries such as the US, Canada, Mexico, England, Turkey, Pakistan, China, India, and Phillipines.

We would like to meet your companies needs, and we feel certain that we will meet and exceed the quality, pricing, and delivery requirements you may have.

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