Chemical, Glass, Wood and Food Industry

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Service Machine Shop has not only grown in numbers over the years, but also in its diverse areas of roll applications. Starting out in textile related components and then adding in the automotive industry, we have brought our expertise into other fields. Our ever expanding knowledge and commitment to quality has had us now supply rolls to the chemical, glass, wood and food industry. Even though the applications vary, our highly skilled staff along with our diverse types of equipment have enabled us to make a smooth transition over to these other areas.

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We, at Service Machine Shop can take your specifications and fabricate specialty stainless steel rolls for chemical handling and the food industry. Conveyor rolls for transporting glass is an ideal product which we have supplied to customers who have their preferred means of glass protection added to our cores. Heavy-duty rolls for handling wood and wood products also fit nicely into our area of roll specialization.

Again, whether new equipment is being designed and built or whether there is roll rework to be done, please keep Service Machine Shop “the roll specialists” at the top of your company’s lists for roll fabrication and machining.

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